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Win money with unique and high value NFTs

Welcome to
Crypto Slayers!

This is an auto RPG game, NFT play to earn, where players will have the ability to earn tokens while playing and contribute to the game ecosystem.
Join this great adventure!

Watch and Learn!

Adventure and

Dear Contenders,
Fight Fair and Hard!

Game Specifications

In this exciting game you will be able to face player versus player or player player versus environment battles, and make expeditions while enjoying this game generating income.

The world of Crypto Slayers has gone through many events that force the inhabitants to train as strong warriors in order to survive the demonic forces.

Our characters, being an RPG game, will have different classes.
Featuring physical, ranged, magical, defensive, and stat-altering attacks.

The idea is that with these characters you form a balanced team with good synergy that helps you overcome the difficulties of the environment or in PvP battles.

As you play you will be able to receive more tokens 💰 that will help you get more characters to improve your team.

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